Corporate Moving

The Cheaper Mover the best corporate moving option.

Corporate moving

We have 25 years of experience moving businesses. We will do everything to ensure that your move is fast and efficient, with minimal disruption.

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Corporate Moving

Getting your business up and running at a new location is extremely important for any company, and our experienced staff can provide office moving services that are designed for maximum productivity as well as maximum care. We will do everything possible to protect your items as well as efficiently move them over long distances so that you can quickly and easily relocate to anywhere in Canada.

Our full-service movers have access to a fleet of vehicles as well as a massive amount of packing gear, equipment and tools to handle nearly any corporate move. We can assist you with disassembling and assembling of furniture, or even provide full packing services for your move.

Commercial moving tricks of the trade

The Cheaper Edmonton Mover has many 25 years of experience in corporate moving services and we are happy to share some of our expertise with you for a seamless office move. Here are our top tips for a simple and efficient process: 

  • Check all drawers and filing cabinets for fragile or valuable items, wrap them carefully, and put them aside for separate packing. The Cheaper Mover team will take over from there.

  • Get in touch with your technical/electrical equipment service providers to get their recommendations on the best way to minimize disruption. It’s often a good idea to book a service for sensitive equipment to save time and disruption of service.

  • Let your Operations Manager know of any sensitive equipment or items of high value in advance so that our corporate movers can be briefed and appropriate measures can be taken.

  • Ensure that all company and employee vehicles are moved away from the loading area in order to avoid wasting time on moving day — our trucks are bigger than you think and need a nice big area for maneuvering.

  • For further convenience and flexibility, The Cheaper Edmonton Movers are able to offer weekend and after-hours appointments to meet every possible schedule.
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