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The Cheaper Mover works to make your packing process easier. 

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Our flexible and professional team of movers can give you as much or as little assistance with packing as you need. We can customize our services for a perfect moving experience.

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In the chaos of moving preparations, one of the most important parts often doesn’t get enough attention until the last minute – packing! Moving large items can be challenging, and if frequently the hardest part of moving.

Protecting small or delicate items with proper packing is crucial. The Cheaper Movers have 25 years of experience of packing, at rates that are sure to fit your budget.

A Properly packed home can be moved more quickly and safely. If you choose to pack yourself we can
assist you with the packing materials that you will need, including, small, medium and large boxes, dish packs, special boxes for pictures and lamps, packing tape, packing paper, shrink wrap and bubble wrap. You can also hire our expert Cheaper Movers to do your packing for you.

Smaller homes or businesses can sometimes do the packing on the same day as the move. Larger residential
and commercial properties should do their packing a day or two before the move.

Packing Tips

  • Have a garage sale, donate unwanted items, and take a trip to your local dump to recycle and dispose of whatever you don’t want to take with you.
  • Separate small and valuable items, and anything containing personal information, and keep them on your person during the move.
  • Leave light, non-breakable items in the dresser or cabinet drawers, such as towels or clothing.
  • You do not need to empty drawers, or take things out for our crews to pack. We can move them as they are.
  • If you are moving appliances that have a water line connection, disconnect them ahead of time, so our packing crews can prepare it for the trip.


Once you arrive at your new location, get to enjoying your space as soon as possible with our unpacking service.

We are experienced at disassembling and reassembling a wide range of the most common furniture items,, saving you valuable time and energy. We are happy to take your direction, or if you prefer, we can handle the organization for you.  We have moved and unpacked hundreds of homes and businesses and have a keen eye to organization, flow, and aesthetics. 

All you have to do is tell us how much or how little assistance you’d like, and we’ll take care of everything else!

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